These are difficult times for the tourism industry, we may not be able to travel now, but we can surely dream about future travel plans.

If Hyderabad is on your list of travel destinations, then Makar Sankranti is one of the best times to make that trip. It is an ancient festival that is observed according to solar cycles and signifies the beginning of the harvest season. It is also that time of the year when people travel to their natives to get together with their families to spend the 3 Day long festival in Mid January(13th -15th January).The International Kite Flying Festival is organised to coincide with these dates in Hyderabad.

The first day is Bhogi where people gather around a camp fire before sun rise and get rid of their derelict possessions. The second & main day is Sankranti when people sport new clothes and make traditional food offerings to their ancestors. It also a great day to step out and savor your taste buds with the delicious food served all around place. The final day, the elders traditionally worship livestock and later catch up over a drink. 

Kite flying (Patang Party in the Native tongue) is the major part of the festival where every other roof top has at least a bunch of Kite fighters, clad in Kurtas (A Comfortable Indian Attire) and Sun Glasses wielding specially made “Manjas” (Strings used for flying kites coloured and coated with powdered glass) to put up a good kite fight in the sky.

A colourful kite


You could say it is the kickoff event for the year where friends and relatives get together and everyone has a role to play.  Don’t be surprised if you see people shouting at the top of their voice “Peench” (Peench is a typical local lingo used when you are trying to cut an opponent’s kite) and “Lapet” (When you are supposed to lower the kite to avoid from being cut by an opponent) along with loud music playing in the background, as it is nothing less than a war for supremacy between people from different localities. 

It’s a great idea to swing by The People’s Plaza– a popular destination for the International Kite Festival where everyone from professional kite fliers to hobbyists to first-timers, take part in this festival with equal enthusiasm. People of all age groups including adults, teenagers and children alike assemble to celebrate it. What makes the festival even better is the enthralling music that is played along with varied stalls serving mouth-watering snacks.

A Traditional kite at the International Kite Flying Festival

Although the Kite festival is organised in daylight, some parts of the city also celebrate the festival at night. Flying a kite in the night is soon becoming popular amongst many kite lovers. Wide-ranging shapes and sizes of kites with halogen lights pointed upwards fill the sky in night like beautiful stars.

Whether in the night or day, get a traditional kite or a modern one with a halogen light, flying a kite during the Kite festival is something everyone should try at least once.

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LaTersa Denise · April 12, 2020 at 7:51 pm

I love flying kites! I still remember how me and my brothers would fly kites 🪁 for fun. I so want to do more traveling right now but I know right now is not a great time.

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