Murud , a sleepy coastal village is the perfect place for a relaxed getaway from Mumbai, whether you are traveling solo , as a couple or with family. If you are a history buff, you will love it even more. It is about 40km from the popular beach of Alibaug. It also houses the Palace of the Nawab, whose descendants still visit the property.

Transport :

The fastest way to get to Murud from Bombay is by taking a ferry from the Gateway of India to Mandwa ( 50 Min Journey) and then use the free shuttle to Alibaug ( 25 Min Journey), from where you could have a cab drive you to Murud ( 2 Hours). If changing transport isn’t your cup of tea , you could self drive or take a taxi.

Don’t forget to stop at the Revdanda Fort enroute to Murud from Alibaug. (About 18 Km from Alibaug). The Revdanda Fort was built by the Portuguese in 1524. Its peripheral area is about 5 km and is mostly deserted. Even though the Fort is ancient and in ruins , it is lovely to just walk around here and enjoy the view. 

View from Revdanda Fort

The Divine Homestay at Murud has a private beach and newly built log cabins which overlook the the Murud Janjira Fort. The homestay is basic but comfortable. The elevated log cabins with the little sit outs overlooking the beach are a delight. They don’t have a fully functional kitchen yet, but will happily get you delicious local meals and snacks. Let them know at least an hour in advance for all such requests. 

Divine Homestay

Murud Janjira is a 19th century island fort and considered to be the strongest marine fort in India . Infact, it remained unconquered throughout its glorious history and only became a part of the Indian Territory during the Independence of India in 1947. This can be visited by taking a short boat ride from Rajapuri Jetty.

Murud – Janjira Fort

The noticeable thing about the beach in Murud, is its very dark , almost black sand. The water is clean and only owes its dark colour to the blackish sand of the area.

Spend a lazy weekend and couple it a with a Fort excursion. You could also cycle around the village of Murud ( Divine Homestay can arrange the cycles for you).

If you are heading back to Mumbai via ferry from Mandwa Jetty , then stop at ‘Boardwalk’ for a meal. (You will need to reserve in advance to get a nice outdoor table).

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