Festive India

Planning a trip with a festival in focus, is one of the Best Indian Experiences. We have a plethora of festivals in India around which we can plan your travel - From a tribal festival in Nagaland , to a International Literary Festival in Jaipur to a Camel Fair in Pushkar , the list is endless.

Essential India

If it is your first trip to India , this beautiful journey covers a little bit of everything - From the Magical Taj Mahal , to staying in a Real Palace , to interesting local experiences ,a tryst with Wildlife and much more.

Wellness Journeys

The origins of both Ayurveda and Yoga lie in India and go back more than 5000 years. Rejuvenate your mind , body and soul on a Wellness Journey at the best centres in India.

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Perhaps the only country to offer Paramount Diversity both in Geography (Majestic Mountains to Pristine Beaches to Deserts) and Culture. India has something to offer for each kind of traveller.

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Gastronomical Delight

India is an absolute gastronomical delight with sumptuous food to suite everyone's palates

Stay in a Real Palace

You dont just get to admire the Palaces and Royalty that goes along with it in India, you actually have the opportunity to live and experience the era of Royalty in one the umpteen magnificent palaces across the country.

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ancient medicine

Food for the Soul

India is the centre of Vedic Learning , Yoga and Ancient medicine.


Connect with your spiritual side in India. We are home to one of the oldest religions on the planet.


Age Old Traditions

Experience the age old traditions come alive in unison while participating in the delightfully unique festivals of India

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