Being a Vegetarian from childhood , I’ve always ensured I have a host of options for Vegetarian food ready before I Travel out of India.  In a country like Vietnam where the national dish is Pho – A noodle Soup with a variety of meats , I was extremely worried that we were not going to enjoy any good local cuisine as most of it was beyond vegetarian. I was glad to be proved wrong .

Here the top 8 places for enjoying some lip smacking native vegetarian cuisine in Vietnam :

  1. Uu Dam Chay, Hanoi

With a 74 page menu , describing the health benefits of each dish at length tops our list of best vegetarian in Vietnam. It is a multi-level Buddhist restaurant in the French Quarter of Hanoi. The ambience is lovely and a very soothing Buddhist Chant is on while you relish your meal. We couldn’t resist but have 2 meals here.

Top Food Picks :

  • Macademia Nut Rice ( Served with a twist – It comes in a pineapple)
  • Pad Thai
  • Brown Rice Tea

Meal for Two : INR 1000

2.  Coco Box Cafe

Beautiful cafe amidst the colourful lanterns of Hoi An Old Town , which also retails organic Vietnamese teas and soaps. Quick service with vegan options as well.

Top Food Picks

  • Tofu Sandwich
  • Coconut milk Coffee
  • Lemon Ice Tea

Top Retail Pick

Pandan Tea – Made from the Pandan Leaf , this tea is recommended for improving metabolism and sleeping patterns. I loved the taste of it too !

3. Jalus Vegan Kitchen

Located in the Hanoi Old quarter, Jalu’s Vegan Kitchen was a nice restaurant amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. Outside seating is available too (limited).

Top Food Picks:

  • Spicy Potato curry with red rice
  • Braised Tofu and Mushroom Claypot

4. Minchay Veg Restaurant

The perfect place to try the vegetarian version of authentic Vietnamese food. It is located in the Hoam Kiem Area , a very short walk from the Lake. Large portion sizes to satiate your hunger.

Top Food Picks

  • Minh Chay Spring Rolls
  • Minh Chay Hot Pot

5. Barley

Situated just outside the Hoi An Old Town, by the river , its the perfect vegetarian restaurant to have your dinner.  Outdoor seating is available . We chose to sit outside to sip our beer and enjoy the meal while gazing the beautifully Lamp lit surroundings.

Top Food Picks

  • Pho

Meal for two : INR 500

6. Yogen Fruz

This Frozen Yogurt joint blends the fresh fruit and yogurt right in front of you . One of the most delicious frozen yogurts we have had which were not overtly sweet – just the perfect blend.

Top Pick :

  • Mango Frozen Yogurt.

7. Dalcheeni, Hanoi

Craving for Indian Food in Vietnam ? Dalcheeni in Hanoi is worth your visit then.  It is a smallish restaurant in Westlake , Tay Ho , Hanoi.They serve both Vegetarian and Non – Vegetarian. The Butter Naan is just as soft and delicious as in India.

Top Food Picks

  • Chilli Paneer
  • Dal Makhani
  • Butter naan

Meal for two : 1100

8. Hanoi Social Club

A quirky place with a very youthful vibe.  The vegetarian menu was limited , but the taste and ambience more than made up for it !

Top Food Pick :

  • Spaghetti
  • Lentils with rice


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