India as a nation has fascinated and captured the imagination of millions of tourists all around the world, that makes them want to come, live, feel and experience the grandeur of this five millennium old nation. One may want to wonder, what is it about this country that incessantly brings people here, there could and inevitably will be a number of reasons that it makes hard for one to even list them all out.

A lone truck in Ladakh India

However, here are our top 7 reasons :

  • Unique and diverse culture – India has for long had a strong significance in world history, that it’s first civilized human occupation can be wisely dated back to 2500 B.C. With such antiquity developed amongst its people and it’s social environment , India is unique and home to a plethora of diversities in every aspect

Palace in Jaiselmer , Rajasthan , India

  • Ethnicity – Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of the sovereign India, once famously called the nation a melting pot. Nothing would be more befitting to describe the multi ethnic and culturally pluralist society that this subcontinent has housed through the centuries in terms of language, religion, racial origins etc., than those words of that lovable man.

Aarti ,Religious Ceremony , India

  • Traditions and customs – from weddings and religious festivals to naming ceremonies and to even somethings as simple as one’s first ride on his/her brand new motorbike, one can witness the number of customs and traditions that would initiate and follow them. The delightful colours of Holi, the blissful lamp lit doorsteps of the homes and temples, that time of the year when fireworks light up the sky throughout the country in celebration of the fall of a demon king in its mystical past are only the first few pages of the book.

Indian Bride

  • Art and Architecture – India has painted for itself a unique and a beautiful image in terms of its style in art, dance, music and architecture. The country’s ancient royal palaces and forts, temples and gardens, artefacts and relics, fashion and entertainment are the immortal embodiment of the artistry showcased by its people then and now and undoubtedly is bound to strike one with awe and amazement.
Chand Baori - A ancient stepwell in Rajasthan

Chand Baori, Rajasthan

India Gate, Mumbai

India Gate, Mumbai

Temple Carvings  in India

  • Food – Home to the spiciest of the curries, the sourest of the pickles and the sweetest of the desserts, what Indian kitchens have to offer are a manifold. The Indian tongue has always had a taste for everything that it still continues to tickle its brain to contemplate and force its hands to put something new on the plate. Every little town and village, sect and community, have their own specialties, even the metropolitan urban lad is going to offer you something new by placing a vegetable cutlet between the bread slices and call it the pav bhaaji(the Indian burger) and bet you’re never going to say now.

Traditionally roasted corn     Gajar Halwa - Indian Carrot Dessert

  • Spiritual and health sciences – The world famous yoga and meditation for the clarity and the spiritual fulfilment of the mind, combat arts such as kushti, kalari, sqay, varma kalai etc., for the defense of the self, ayurvedic massage techniques such as shirodhara, abhyangam, pizhichil, udvartana etc., for the relaxation and pain relief of the body and the various natural remedies to treat ailments practised through multiple generations have in the current times significantly captured the interest of many outside the country.

Ayurveda - Rejuvenation - Relaxation

  • Nature – Have you ever heard of a nation that shelters natural habitats to both the king of the jungle – the mighty lion and the lord of the kill – the majestic tiger, yes you’re absolutely right, INDIA!!! A land not only rich in its flora and fauna but also shelters various terrains ranging from the mangrove forests, evergreen forests, deciduous and sub alpine forests to the lush green western and eastern ghats on the coastal regions, ice capped mountains of the Himalayas to the scorching barren lands of the thar desert, Plain lands of the deccan plateau to the urban and humanized regions that are contained within it, you’re definitely on the best journey of your life.
Tea Plantations, Munnar , India

Tea Plantations, Munnar , India

Camel in the That Desert - India

Thar Desert

Wildlife in India


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